Milestones & Achievements

Established in 2012 with support from the Government of Ontario, CTO is pleased to be working with the clinical trials community to advance Ontario as a preferred location for clinical trials, while maintaining the highest ethical standards for patient safety. Together, we have made tremendous progress.


CTO officially launches the CTO Streamlined Research Ethics Review System, which harmonizes processes and reduces the time and administrative burden involved in multi-centre clinical trials in Ontario.

A standard informed consent form is developed, along with additional streamlined supports and tools.

Over 400 participants and 40 speakers attend the CTO 2015 Clinical Trials Conference on Mar. 4-5, and a Conference Digest is published.

CTO undertakes a landscape review of participant recruitment and retention strategies.

CTO conducts a public survey on perceptions and knowledge of clinical trials, in partnership with the British Columbia Clinical Research Infrastructure Network (BCCRIN).

CTO releases its new video, Why Ontario for Clinical Trials.


CTO Streamlined Research Ethics Review System is designed and built in collaboration with Ontario’s clinical trials and research ethics communities.

Implementation of the CTO REB Qualification Program, which provides an independent review of Ontario REBs planning to participate in the CTO Streamlined System.

Launch of the CTO College of Reviewers, made up of experienced volunteers from the REB community who participate in REB Qualification reviews.

CTO enters a partnership with research software specialist Infonetica Ltd to build a web-based platform that will support the CTO Streamlined System.

CTO Seal of Qualification is created, at the request of the community, to present to REBs that achieve Qualification status.

Over 200 participants and 22 speakers attend the first-ever CTO Clinical Trials Conference on Feb. 27, and a Conference Digest is released.

New resources are created to promote Ontario as an attractive destination for global clinical trials and to assist companies looking to conduct trials in Ontario.

Industry advisory group is established to provide CTO with access to vital expertise.


Development of key components of the CTO Streamlined System: the CTO REB Qualification Program, the CTO College of Reviewers, and CTO Stream.

Successful pilot of the CTO REB Qualification process is conducted with the Ontario Cancer Research Ethics Board (OCREB).

Final recommendations of the Working Groups are reviewed by the CTO Board of Directors, providing a framework for moving forward with planning the CTO Streamlined System.

Additional advisory groups and committees are formed.

CTO provides support in developing an Ontario response to the model Clinical Trials Agreement (mCTA).


CTO is established with support from the Government of Ontario.

The inaugural meeting of CTO is held in July to share information with stakeholders.

CTO establishes three Working Groups from a broad cross-section of stakeholders to give advice on key aspects of CTO’s programming.


A stakeholder-led working group, convened by the Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation, assesses the multi-factorial issues and barriers to maintaining and increasing Ontario’s share of global clinical trials and recommends the formation of CTO.