For Investigators & Institutions

Investigators and their hospitals, research institutes and universities are key drivers of medical progress.

These individuals and institutions carry out world-class research that improves the health and quality of care received by Ontarians and Canadians.

Clinical Trials Ontario (CTO) implements programming that provides a supportive and complementary approach to conducting multi-centre clinical research in Ontario.

Member institutions such as the Council of Academic Hospitals of Ontario (CAHO), the Ontario Council on University Research (OCUR), and the Council of Ontario Faculties of Medicine (COFM) have been integral to the planning and initiation of CTO’s streamlining initiatives.

The CTO Streamlined Research Ethics Review System supports a single ethical review for multi-centre clinical trials. This single review can be done by any CTO Qualified REB in Ontario, on behalf of multiple institutions participating in the same clinical trial.

Benefits of the Streamlined Research Ethics Review System

  • Eases the burden on investigators and saves time by moving to a single ethics review, instead of multiple ethics reviews for the same clinical research.
  • Provides a supportive and complementary approach to conducting multi-site studies, both investigator-initiated and industry-sponsored.
  • By bringing more global clinical trials to Ontario, institutions can attract more funds from industry sponsors for clinical trial sites, research and infrastructure.

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