For Sponsors and Industry

Industry partners make possible medical breakthroughs by sponsoring clinical trials.

Clinical trials offer people the possibility of new and improved treatments, novel technologies and strategies for disease-prevention.

Clinical Trials Ontario (CTO) has developed a province-wide Streamlined Research Ethics Review System that supports a single ethical review for multi-centre clinical trials. This single review can be done by any CTO Qualified REB in Ontario, on behalf of multiple institutions participating in the same clinical trial.

Member institutions such as Canada’s Medical Technology Companies (MEDEC), Canada’s Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies (Rx&D) and the Industrial Biotechnology Association of Canada (BIOTECanada) have been crucial in the development of CTO’s streamlining programs.

By streamlining the research ethics review process, CTO and its partners are reducing the cost and improve the speed of conducting multi-centre clinical trials.

Benefits of the Streamlined Research Ethics Review System

  • Sponsors and industry can more easily navigate the research ethics review process.
  • Investigators and applicants can use the same interface and REB application forms, irrespective of which REB is providing oversight.
  • The Streamlined Research Ethics Review System means that special expertise built up by individual REBs can be accessed more readily.

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