As part of CTO’s efforts to engage patients and the public with clinical trials, we are leading and actively participating in initiatives to build resources and tools to help the community work together. Some resources and initiatives are highlighted below.


From CTO’s 2018 Clinical Trials Conference

At CTO’s 2018 annual conference, there were two live-streamed sessions that were of greatest interest to patients and the public, entitled “Finding and Joining Clinical Trials – Experiences and Learnings” and “Exploring Models of Patient Engagement”. The full videos of these two sessions and slides from each presentation are available for download here.


Resources to Facilitate Patient Engagement with Clinical Trials

CTO has contributed to the development of the Patient Engagement Quality Guidance, through active participation in the Patient-Focused Medicines Development Initiative, an initiative that aims to develop guidance for organizations working with patients throughout the medicines development lifecycle. This practical guide will help you plan, develop and assess the quality of patient engagement in your project and it was co-created with stakeholders across the medicines development spectrum through an iterative process that included a public consultation.


CTO is leading the development of an initiative to build investigator capacity to engage patients with clinical trials and which has resulted in funding for a CIHR SPOR Collaboration Grant. The grant “Building Capacity for Patient Engagement and Patient-Oriented Research in Clinical Trials” includes Dr. Monica Parry (University of Toronto) as the Principal Investigator along with a team of patients, clinicians, researchers, and CTO. Over the next year, the team will work to develop a suite of technologies/tools/resources to build capacity for patient engagement, sex/gender uptake, and patient oriented research in clinical trial design and conduct. We will also host a 1-day new and early investigator patient oriented research training day in conjunction with CTO’s 2019 Clinical Trials Conference.