CTO REB of Record Review

The CTO REB of Record Review process supports any CTO Qualified REB in Ontario to provide ethical review and oversight of multi-centre clinical research, including industry sponsored or investigator initiated studies, on behalf of multiple research sites across the province.

CTO Selection of the REB of Record

Any REB must be CTO Qualified prior to serving as an REB of Record.

An REB that is Qualified by CTO will be compliant with the CTO REB Qualification Checklist.

The CTO Qualification process is meant to provide assurances that REBs meet a minimum standard for REB governance, membership, operations and procedures as detailed in the CTO REB Qualification Checklist.


CTO Stream

CTO Stream is a web based electronic platform for coordinating research ethics reviews and is built using modern infrastructure which exhibits a vast set of features while maintaining an easy to use interface. CTO Stream has been developed to meet the needs of researchers and REBs across the province by enabling research ethics review, document management and communication between multiple institutions and REBs.

CTO Stream is designed for any multi-site clinical research. All studies use the same interface and REB application forms, irrespective of which REB is pending oversight. Furthermore, CTO Stream is built on the principles of transparency and consistency in submission requirements.

CTO Stream has been developed in partnership with Infonetica Ltd. This continued relationship ensures that CTO Stream will be continuously monitored and maintained to meet the needs of researchers and REBs across the province.

Informed Consent Form Templates

The CTO Informed Consent Form Templates serve as the basis for the consent form for studies using the CTO Streamlined Research Ethics Review System. The appropriate template should be used when creating the study-specific consent form submitted with the initial study-wide application (the Provincial Initial Application) in CTO Stream.

The review and feedback from the CTO Qualified Research Ethics Boards (REBs) has been instrumental in developing the CTO Clinical Trial Informed Consent Form Template, which builds on the consent harmonization initiative led by the Ontario Cancer Research Ethics Board (OCREB), NCIC Clinical Trials Group (NCIC CTG) and the British Columbia Cancer Agency (BCCA). This template additionally incorporates elements from a number of publicly available consent templates, including the template from Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre Research Ethics Board and the British Columbia Common Clinical Informed Consent Template.

Informed Consent Form Checklist

The Informed Consent Form Checklist is an optional tool for REBs and research teams that can be used to assess whether the study-specific consent form addresses the applicable content requirements.

CTO is grateful to the CTO Qualified REBs and CTO advisory groups that provided their expertise and feedback on these templates.