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We are committed to helping advance COVID-19 studies quickly and effectively.COVID-19 RESOURCES & UPDATES

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CTO is here to help move forward COVID-19 studies as quickly as possible

Clinical Trials Ontario would like to do everything we can to support the provincial-wide research community to advance COVID research as quickly as possible.  Through CTO’s programming, CTO Stream, the Trial Site Network, and QuickSTART, we can help identify collaborators across the province and assist in managing study start-up at each of these centers.  Specifically, CTO can help get your study up and running quickly through:

  1. CTO Stream – Allows one Research Ethics Board to oversee the ethical conduct of research occurring at multiple sites in Ontario. Standardized study-wide processes and tools (including a study-wide consent form) help to streamline ethics review application process and reduce timelines
  2. If you would like additional sites for your study and need assistance in finding sites, through the Trial Site Network, we can help you find new partners across the broader Ontario community by quickly communicating your trial across over any number of 150+ academic hospitals, community hospitals, CROs, and private physician office networks .
  3. QuickSTART is a CTO program that aims to reduce study start-up timelines by leveraging existing streamlined strategies and improving transparency through the QuickSTART digital platform.  Up until now, we have reserved this program for industry-sponsored trials at sites in Ontario.  In response to the need to expedite COVID-19 study start up, we will be extending the use of this digital management platform to any COVID-19 multi-site trials (including investigator initiated) across Canada.

Whether you are an investigator or an industry sponsor, if you would like to expand your trial in the Ontario clinical community, please reach out to a member of the CTO team so that we can support.

Stay safe, we are all in this together.​

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