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REB Council


The Clinical Trials Ontario Research Ethics Board (CTO REB) Council will provide advice to CTO with respect to the CTO Streamlined System and related research ethics review issues. Representing CTO Qualified REBs, members of the Council will be central to the ongoing development and improvement of the CTO Streamlined System.

Examples of activities include:

  • Advising on issues arising from the REB Qualification process;
  • Advising on issues related to research ethics review;
  • Identifying opportunities for harmonization and information sharing amongst participating REBs;
  • Proposing policy and/or identifying policy gaps and requirements related to research ethics review;
  • Advising on educational needs and resources for REBs related to the Streamlined System;
  • Exploring and advising on new or emerging issues related to research ethics review.

Membership and Term

The Council is composed of the REB Chair and lead REB operations experts from each CTO Qualified Research Ethics Board, and work will be supported by the CTO team.

The term is expected to be ongoing while the REB maintains its CTO Qualified REB status.

Ad hoc sub-committees may include representatives from researcher, participant, institution and other stakeholder groups and will be formed as needed. The perspective, experience, and expertise of others may be sought when applicable.


Meetings will normally be held three times a year in person.

Members of the clinical research community (e.g., investigators, research coordinators, participants, sponsors) may be invited to attend meetings from time to time to share their perspective and contribute to discussions on issues relevant to the streamlined system.

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