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Applicant User Manuals, Quick Guides and Tip Sheets

  • User Manuals give an overview of the CTO Stream system, describes some processes in detail (i.e., transferring project ownership) and include screenshots. We recommend new researchers start with the Getting Started and Application Features user manuals.
  • QuickGuides provide short step-by-step instructions (with screenshots) on how to perform specific tasks in the system.
  • Tip Sheets provide more general guidance and information on how to make the most efficient use of the Streamlined Research Ethics Review System.
  • CTO also strongly recommends that new CTO Stream users register for the “Introduction to CTO Stream” webinar.
Applicant User Manuals
Topic Description Link
Getting Started A guide to getting started with CTO Stream Download
Application Features Are you a new CTO Stream user? This guide provides an in overview of the applications forms in CTO Stream Download
Signing Applications in CTO Stream Detailed guide explains how to sign off on an application in CTO Stream Download
Managing Study Access with Roles How to share access to an application with other members of your study team Download
Project Transfers How to initiate and accept a project transfer request Download
Applicant Quick Guides
Topic Description  Link
Responding to a Signature Request Step by step instructions on how to sign application forms in CTO Stream Download
 Updating a Project How to update your study to use the latest version of CTO application forms Download
 Finding an Approval Letter Where to locate the REB approval letter for your application Download
Creating a Sub-form How to add a new application form to an existing study Download
Creating a Centre Initial Application (CIA) How to create a Centre Initial Application (CIA) for your study Download
Updating a Reportable Event How to update a previously approved/acknowledged reportable event application Download
Submitting a New Study How to create and submit the Provincial Initial Application for a new study Download
Submitting a New Observational Study How to create a new study in CTO Stream using Observational application forms Download
Request for Changes from REB Resubmitting an application after the REB of Record has requested revisions Download
Request for Changes from CTO Resubmitting an application after CTO has requested revisions Download
Deleting a Form How to delete a form from a project Download
Correspondence How to send a message to the REB of Record within CTO Stream Download
Provincial Status & Expiry Date Status of ethics approval for the study and overall study expiry date Download
Centre Status & Expiry Date Locate the expiry date and ethics approval status for a participating centre Download
Continuing Review Reminders & Process Continuing Review Submissions, automated alerts for ethics approval expiry date and study lapses Download
Provincial Continuing Review Instructions to create and submit a Provincial Continuing Review application Download
Centre Continuing Review Instructions to create and submit a Centre Continuing Review application Download
Adding new study team members using Roles Brief step by step instructions about how to give a user access to your existing study Download
Project Overview An explanation of how to access and navigate the Project Overview for a study Download
Transferring Sub-forms Covers how to transfer ownership of an application form that you’ve created for a study Download
Identifying the REB of Record for a Study How to view the REB of Record for a study in using the Submissions Tab Download
CTO Online Helpdesk How to submit a CTO Stream support ticket for within the CTO Online Helpdesk Download
Applicant Tip Sheets and Checklists
Topic Description Link
Provincial Initial Application (PIA) Submission Helpful tips for completing a Provincial Initial Application (PIA) Download
Centre Initial Application (CIA) Submission Helpful tips for completing a Centre Initial Application (CIA) Download
Tips for Advanced Users Tips for using CTO Stream more efficiently Download
Application Forms in CTO Stream Includes a description of the different application types used in CTO Stream and when to use each. A breakdown of the responsibilities for the Provincial and Centre study teams for certain REB submissions (i.e., continuing review, reportable event, etc.). Additional helpful tips and reminders Download
Closing a Centre Checklist This checklist provides research teams with guidance on how to close out their site ethics file in CTO Stream Download
Closing a Study Checklist This checklist provides guidance on how to close out the ethics file for a study/project in CTO Stream Download
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