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Applicant Video Tutorials

The following applicant video tutorials are designed to help researchers become familiar with the CTO Stream system and how to perform specific tasks. We are currently working to create more video tutorials, which will be posted as they become available.

Video Tutorials for Applicant Users
Topic Content Link
Getting Started for New Users (1:49) • How to register for a CTO Stream applicant account
• How to active the your account
• Applicant login portal
Click here
The Work Area (6:38) • CTO Stream login page
• The Navigation Bar
• General Tiles
• Projects List/Folders
• Actions Menu
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Creating a New Project (5:01) • Creating a New Project
• Sharing access to the new Project
• Provincial-level roles
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Creating a Centre Initial Application (5:41) • Creating a Centre Initial Application (CIA)
• Sharing access to the new Project
• Centre-level roles
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Creating the Centre-Specific ICF (5:35) • Locating and downloading the Provincially approved ICF template
• Downloading DIER and SRERS Administration forms
• Creating a site-specific ICF
• Uploading your centre-specific ICF into the CIA
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Requesting Signatures (3:18) • Requesting a signature for an application
• Cancel all signatures and signature requests
• How to cancel a single signature request
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Responding to a Signature Request (3:25) • How to find the signature request
• How to sign the application
• How to sign-off as a delegate
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Sending a Correspondence Message to the REB of Record (2:49) • What is ‘Correspondence’?
• How to send a new Correspondence message
• Who is notified when the REB replies
• How to view the REB response
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Removing a User’s Role from an Application Form or Entire Study (2:46) • Explanation of ‘Roles’ in CTO Stream
• Identifying which form a user was given their role on
• Removing a user’s role from the application or entire study
• Verifying role was removed successfully
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Identifying the REB of Record for the Study (2:23) • REB of Record selection
• When can you view the assigned REB
• Why is this important?
• How to view the REB of Record for your project
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