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REB User Manuals, Quick Guides, and Workflow Diagram

REB Workflow Diagram

The following workflow shows step-by-step how to review ethics submission through CTO Stream. The workflow outlines each button that will advance the review forward and which steps will result in the application form being returned to the research team for modifications. We recommend all users to refer to the workflow diagram when conducting a review through CTO Stream.

For instructions on how to respond to a request to act as the REB of Record or sign off as the REB Host, refer to the user guides below.

Download the REB workflow.

REB User Manuals and Quick Guides

The following user manuals will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to navigate CTO Stream and review research studies.

REB User Manuals
Topic Description Link
Getting Started Instructions for REB users to familiarize themselves with CTO Stream (Work Area, Review Tiles, etc.) Download
Navigating CTO Stream Learn to navigate to the system,  how to access and view applications in the system Download
Expiry Dates Learn about study ethics approval expiry dates, approval status and continuing reviews Download
Correspondence How to view and send correspondence messages Download
Letter Review Description of the optional REB letter review process in CTO Stream Download
Glossary of Terms Description of CTO Stream terminology Download
Meetings Learn how to create, edit and view REB meetings in CTO Stream Download
CTO Stream for REB Members Instructions for REB members on logging in to CTO Stream, viewing and making comments on submissions Download
Request to Act as the REB of Record For REB Managers/Directors who accept new studies on behalf of the REB Download
The REB Review Process In depth review of the workflow and how to process REB submissions in CTO Stream Download
REB of Record Host Institution Representative Instructions for REB Hosts to accept new participating sites on existing studies overseen by their REB in CTO Stream Download
REB Quick Guides
Topic Description Link
QuickGuide / Form Comments How to use the Comments feature to add/view comments when reviewing an application Download
QuickGuide / Note to File Instructions for REB users on how to add a Note to File to any application Download
QuickGuide/Continuing Reviews Important information about processing Provincial and Centre Continuing Review submissions Download


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