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REB Video Tutorials

More tutorials coming soon!

Videos are being created to act as aids to help REB users of the system perform specific tasks within CTO Stream.
The following applicant video tutorials are designed to help researchers become familiar with the CTO Stream system and how to perform specific tasks. We are currently working to create more video tutorials, which will be posted as they become available.

Video Tutorials for REB Users
Topic Content Link
Reviewer Comments (4:14) • Panel Comments vs. Form Comments
• Viewing Panel Comments and Form Comments
• How to create a Form Comment
• How to create Panel Comment
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Changing Expiry Date, Status, and Re-issuing the Approval Letter (4:25) • Why would we ever need to do this?
• Viewing study Status and Expiry Date from the Centres tab
• Changing study Status and Expiry Date
• Re-issuing the Approval letter
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Editing Document Name, Version Date and Version Number of a Submission Document (2:13) • How is the REB notified of an error with a Document Name, Version Date or Number?
• Where to find the documents attached to the submission (Form Documents)
• How to edit Form Documents of a Submission

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Reviewing a CTO Stream Submission (6:02) • Overview of the Work Area
• Open a submission to the Submission Timeline Page
• Accessing the submission documents
• Table of contents for the form (the Navigation Page)
• Printing the form
• Inside the application form
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REB Meetings (8:56) • Viewing upcoming and past meetings for your REB
• Explore the Meetings Overview Page
• Creating or deleting a meeting
• How to assign a submission to a meeting
• Assign a submission to a past meeting
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Drafting and Sending the REB Letter (8:31) • How to create a draft of the letter & tips for working with letter templates
• How to save a copy of the letter draft
• How to load the saved letter draft
• How to collate reviewer comments into the letter
• Sending the letter to the study team
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Correspondence Messages (5:53) • What is correspondence?
• The Correspondence Tab on the Submission Timeline
• How to view and reply to messages sent by the study team
• Viewing correspondence messages from archived previous submissions of the form
•How to initiate a new correspondence message to the study team
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Letter Review Pathway (6:25) • An overview of the letter review process
• How to assign a letter reviewer
• Reviewing a drafted letter as an assigned letter reviewer
• How to request changes, or make changes directly to the REB letter
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CTO Stream for REB Members (10:18) • Logging in to the review side of the CTO Stream system
• Overview of the Work Area
• How to access and navigate the CTO Stream submissions
• Viewing and making reviewer comments on submissions
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REB Staff Tutorial – Part 1 (11:50) • Overview of the workflow for REB submissions
• The tile system of the Work Area
• The submission timeline page
• Pre-screen step (administrative review)
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REB Staff Tutorial – Part 2 (11:10) • Full board review and how to assign a submission to a meeting
• The delegated review process
• Recording the decision for the submission
• Categorize documents
• Setting the study-wide expiry date
• Archive Documents
• Drafting and Sending Approval Letter
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