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Clinical Trials Ontario’s mission is to strengthen the environment for high-quality clinical trials and one way we accomplish this is by facilitating productive discussion, learning and collaboration. Don’t miss these upcoming events and webinars for Ontario’s clinical trials community.  


June 15, 2021


CHEER Workshop Series – Community Members on REBS: What is their role and how do we effectively engage their perspective? 

The role of the Community Member on research ethics boards is meant to reflect the perspective of the participant. This viewpoint is particularly important for research involving pediatric populations to ensure that the needs and burdens of the patient and caregiver are understood and addressed in research design. The Community Member brings their professional and personal experience to the role; however, to be effective, they require customized training and education to ensure that they can be active members of the research ethics review process.

Within the CHEER initiative, the Patient and Family Advisory Committee (PFAC) is made up of Community Members on REBs from across Canada. The CHEER PFAC will present on work currently being done to better understand the role of the Community Member, their experiences with training at the time of onboarding and at ongoing points within their role, and their desired educational needs.

The Webinar will also provide the perspective of an REB Chair, including a discussion of how to create an environment of trust for all REB members to effectively participate in the research ethics review process. Specific attention will be paid to the Community Member, providing examples on how to engage and educate members in this role to develop a successful research ethics board.

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