CTO College of Lived Experience

CTO has recently launched its College of Lived Experience, with members who are representative of the diversity of patients and public who are interested in clinical trials in Ontario. The College has been created to help advise CTO on current topics and issues about clinical trials for which patient and public input would be valuable. Members will support CTO in its efforts to ensure the patient and public perspective is respected and incorporated in relevant CTO activities. The College will also be a resource for the clinical trials community to engage in addressing their own needs related to patient engagement with clinical trials.

Activities expected to benefit from patient and public engagement:

  • Developing educational and support materials and programs for patients and the public;
  • Developing ways that clinical trials can be made more relevant to participants;
  • Developing best practices and guidance documents regarding ethical and privacy considerations for clinical trials;
  • Engaging in efforts to support more clinical trials being done in Ontario;
  • Understanding and addressing barriers to participation in clinical trials;
  • Sharing efforts on patient and public engagement with others.

Partner with Us

If your organization is interested in partnering with the CTO College of Lived Experience for advice and input on patient and public engagement with clinical trials, contact info@ctontario.ca.

The College is a natural evolution of CTO’s Patient and Public Advisory Group that was formed in 2017. The Patient and Public Advisory Group members significantly contributed to and influenced CTO’s development of its webpages and resources for patients and the public, including its topics, navigation, layout, and design. CTO is grateful to its Patient and Public Advisory Group for how it shaped CTO’s activities and approaches, both of which will carry on through CTO’s work with the College.

CTO would like to thank the following individuals for their contribution to the Patient and Public Advisory Group:

  • Gail Bellissimo
  • Tina Ceroni
  • Alvin Holtvluewer
  • Paulette Lalancette