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I’ve found a clinical trial I’m interested in

This section is intended to provide you some information to consider once you have found a clinical trial and are considering participation in that clinical trial. In making this decision you might find it helpful to talk to your friends, family, or health care provider as well. At the end of this section we have provided you with a list of questions (including some of the topics addressed here) that you might wish to ask someone who is associated with the clinical trial team.

Common Questions

How do I find out more information about the clinical trial?

Will I need to pay for any part of the study?

What are some possible benefits and/or risks of my participation in this clinical trial?

If I participate in this clinical trial, will my future medical care be affected (for example, access to some treatments)? Will it affect my ability to participate in other clinical trials?

What will happen with this clinical trial: Is there the possibility that if I have a disease it will improve, be cured or made worse by participating? If I don’t have a disease, will I be harmed by participation?

What kinds of questions should I ask about the clinical trial I’m interested in?

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