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Talk Clinical Trials Campaign

The CTO Talk Clinical Trials campaign is aimed at building awareness of clinical trials. We are encouraging individuals and organizations to use the hashtag #talkclinicaltrials on social media.

Some things you may wish to share include:

  • Your organization’s clinical trials or research website
  • Videos that your organization has about clinical trials
  • Facts about clinical trials
  • Conversations with healthcare providers about clinical trials
  • Personal experiences of being in a clinical trial or supporting a loved one who participated in a clinical trial
  • A fact about clinical trials that you may want to highlight or learn more about
  • If you are involved in running clinical trials, your role and what you enjoy most about what you do
  • How clinical trials have impacted you
  • Ways that others can get involved in the conversation about clinical trials.

Social Media Posts

We have also developed some example social media posts that you can use or adapt:

  • We’re celebrating International Clinical Trials Day – have you or a loved one participated in a #clinicaltrial? Share your experience with us #TalkClinicalTrials
  • #Clinicaltrials can happen in hospitals, at companies, in doctors’ offices, and at other places #TalkClinicalTrials
  • What’s your #clinicaltrial experience or story? #TalkClinicalTrials
  • #Clinicaltrials help bring new treatments to Ontarians and Canadians. #TalkClinicalTrials
  • Join us in #TalkClinicalTrials! Recognize International Clinical Trials Day by sharing a perspective or experience with #clinicaltrials
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