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International Clinical Trials Day 2022

We’re celebrating International Clinical Trials Day on May 20, 2022 and we need your help! Join us in promoting open dialogue about what clinical trials are and why they are important to help people make informed decisions and raise awareness of the important impact clinical trials have on improving care and quality of life.

Throughout May, we will share resources and stories that highlight clinical trials and the people who engage with them. Join the conversation by following us on Twitter and Facebook and using the hashtags #ICTD2022 and #TalkClinicalTrials.

Social Media Posts

Just copy and paste any of the social media posts below and don’t forget to use #ICTD2022 and #TalkClinicalTrials!

Step 1: Copy and Paste Text

Today is International Clinical Trials Day! Clinical trials generate better medicines for patients, cutting-edge health technologies, and help shape the future of medicine. Learn more through @clinicaltrialON’s resources: #ICTD2022 #TalkClinicalTrials

Are you considering participating in a clinical trial and want to learn more? @clinicaltrialON has developed plain-language tools to help:  #ICTD2022 #TalkClinicalTrials

#Didyouknow clinical trials study more than just medications? Clinical trials also study areas like diet and lifestyle, medical devices and diagnostic therapies. Learn more at #ICTD2022 #TalkClinicalTrials

Have you seen @clinicaltrialON’s Clinical Trial Finder? Built with input from patients, caregivers and others, this tool can help you find a clinical trial in Canada: #TalkClinicalTrials #ICTD2022

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Join us for a Facebook Live event on International Clinical Trials Day

Participant Perspectives: COVID Studies

On International Clinical Trials Day, Clinical Trials Ontario is hosting a Facebook Live event to talk about experiences in participating in COVID-19 studies. Hear from Laurie Proulx, a participant in the STOPCoV study, and Dr. Lauren Kelly, whose child is participating in a COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial. We will also share information and resources that can help people learn about clinical trials to make well-informed decisions.

Register here. 

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