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#TalkClinicalTrials: Improving the Clinical Trial Participant Experience

#TalkClinicalTrials: Improving the Clinical Trial Participant Experience

In order to help clinical research teams make sure participants feel informed and valued, Clinical Trials Ontario worked with the community to create the Participant Experience Toolkit. The Toolkit provides guidance, considerations, and examples to inspire the clinical trials community to improve the participant experience. This toolkit was co-created with patients, participants, health charities, patient organizations, Research Ethics Board representatives, clinical research coordinators and industry representatives.  Two key contributors were Karen GoPaul, previously a coordinator in geriatric clinical trials and currently a research ethics officer, and Alyssa Te, an Oncology Clinical Trials Research Nurse.

In the video below Karen GoPaul and Alyssa Te describe their involvement in developing the Toolkit, why it is important, and how it can be used.



About #TalkClinicalTrials

#TalkClinicalTrials, a campaign led by Clinical Trials Ontario with support from many voices, is building awareness of clinical trials. Why? Because clinical trials matter to all of us. They help to generate better treatments and technologies and ultimately help shape the future of medicine. Engagement from patients and the public is critical to shape and conduct high-quality clinical trials. Read the #TalkClinicalTrial blog posts here.

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