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REB Qualification Program: How it Works

The CTO REB Qualification Program provides Ontario research ethics boards (REBs) that are planning to participate in the CTO Streamlined Research Ethics Review System, with a review of their operations, documentation, personnel and facilities. The review is with respect to regulations, standards and policies typically applicable to the conduct of clinical trials and health research in Ontario and Canada.

This qualification process promotes a high level of trust and allows institutions and REBs to feel confident delegating ethics review and oversight to one other. The CTO REB Qualification process provides assurances that REBs meet a minimum standard for REB governance, membership, operations and procedures as detailed in the CTO REB Qualification Checklist (located on the Tools and Resources page). CTO manages the Qualification Program and is not a REB itself.

The CTO REB Qualification Manual and other documents related to the CTO REB Qualification Program can be found at the following link:

How to Become a CTO Qualified REB

Qualification Process - Overview

Preparing for a Qualification Review

What to Expect During the On-Site Visit

What to Expect After the On-Site Visit

Annual Reporting Process

Re-Qualification Process

CTO College of Reviewers

CTO REB Qualification Manual and Additional Resources

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