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Patients & Public

Patient and PublicClinical Trials Ontario is committed to developing ways to engage patients and the public with clinical trials. We are doing this by encouraging active involvement of patients and the public in CTO programming, raising public awareness of clinical trials, and supporting researchers and healthcare providers in their interactions with patients around clinical trials.

Learn More about <br> Clinical Trials

Learn More about
Clinical Trials

Access basic information on what clinical trials are, how they are designed, how to find them and things to know when you’re in a clinical trial or when you are finished your participation in a clinical trial.

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Find a <br> Clinical Trial

Find a
Clinical Trial

We have created this clinical trial search tool to help you look for a clinical trial using criteria such as condition or location.

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Clinical Trial <br> Terms Glossary

Clinical Trial
Terms Glossary

This glossary provides definitions of terms related to clinical trials.

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Talk Clinical <br> Trials Campaign

Talk Clinical
Trials Campaign

#talkclinicaltrials is a social media platform for discussion on what clinical trials are and why they are important.

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Resources for <br> Engaging Patients

Resources for
Engaging Patients

We are building resources and tools to help patients, the public and the clinical trials community work together.

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CTO College of <br> Lived Experience

CTO College of
Lived Experience

The College of Lived Experience has a valuable role in ensuring that patient and public perspectives are reflected in relevant CTO activities.

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Our Work with Health <br> Charities and Patient Organizations

Our Work with Health
Charities and Patient Organizations

CTO works with health charities and patient organizations to develop and share information, tools and resources with an aim to shape and improve clinical trials in Ontario and beyond.

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Our Stories

Patient and Public Advisory Group

Our Patient and Public Advisory Group plays a vital role in the work of Clinical Trials Ontario. The members of this group provide insight, advice and lived experience that directly informs CTO’s work to improve the environment for clinical trials in Ontario.

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